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March 01, 2009


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Titling is, of course, important. But equally important -- and largely ignored -- as soon as title is secure, is the question of who rightly pockets the economic rent on land.

When we conflate ownership of land with the privilege of pocketing the land rent, we create a wide range of serious and (apparently) intractable problems.

However, when we make title secure AND collect the land rent for public purposes, we can expect many of those supposedly intractable problems to largely evaporate.

Secure title is necessary but not sufficient to creating the conditions for widely shared prosperity and a sustainable economy which permits all to live well. America has proven that.

Land value taxation can make the difference between a society in which wealth, income and opportunity are quite concentrated and one in which all members can support themselves.

The distinctions between ownership and possession, the concept of usufruct, and many other related ideas are explored in the themes at http://www.wealthandwant.com/

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